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Z-Balloon Adventures
Iowa's #1 Balloon Ride Company since 1989!

Z Balloon AdventuresAerial Advertising using our Hot Air Balloons

Corporate Hot Air Ballooning

REMAX Iowa Balloon Inflation Sec Taylor
Inflation of the RE/MAX Balloon for a recent flight over Sec Taylor Stadium.

Z-Balloon Adventures offers aerial promotions in the form of targeted hot air balloon advertising campaigns.

We have been the one and only source for professional aerial advertising in the Des Moines, Iowa area since 1989. 

The corporate ballooning world is a goldmine of opportunity for most businesses and corporations. With the right marketing plan, a balloon program can boost sales, increase product visibility and bring a return on investment exponentially higher than most traditional media or marketing methods.

If you are thinking of a different way to advertise with major visibility, then a Hot Air Balloon Advertising program may be the way to go. A recent study suggests that for DAR (Day After Recall) balloons are hard to beat, (Even harder for your competitor to surpass!)  

Balloons create tremendous excitement and interaction.  Here are the results of the recent survey:

  • 90% of those questioned in a recent survey comment on and discuss hot air balloons they see.
  • Of Those that observe billboards only 33% mention them.
  • Bus/Public Transit Advertising received only 22%.
  • Over 50% of the respondents stop and watch a balloon in flight.
  • Approximately 1/3rd of the people will snap a photo.
  • 15% of the people will follow it to see where the Balloon goes.
  • The unique nature of hot air balloon advertising extends over every target group. A remarkable 100%   
  • A balloon provides strong local and regional community support gathering people attracted by the aerostat.
  • Besides the attention of thousands of people focused on them, balloons will often generate free publicity by other media coverage.
  • Very few people can ignore the sight of a 8 story tall hot air balloon!
  • While providing support to individual marketing, it is possible to set up radio and TV interviews with the pilot that is representing your company or take local VIP's, clients, and the media on a flights in your company balloon!
  • Noticability exists among both male and female aged 18 thru 34 and the 35 plus age groups.
  • Only 4% of surveyed respondents could not name 3 balloons while 100% could name at least two.
  • Remember, anyone can buy a client lunch or dinner! A balloon flight will be remembered and talked about for the rest of their lives!

    Our company has many years of experience flying all sizes and shapes of hot air balloons. The owner and Chief Pilot, Dan Campbell, is extremely proficient in media, marketing and press relations.  Dan worked for over 6 years in radio as a "On Air Personality" and D.J. Dan is a natural for the camera and radio. Dan loves to promote and talk about ballooning. Your interests in the marketing campaign will benefit from his love of the sport and willingness to share the experience with as many as possible.

We use only the best equipment available in corporate ballooning - National Balloons. They manufacture the best-built and engineered balloon system in the world. Their hot air balloons are constructed to withstand the rigors of life on the road and in the air, day after day.

Sec Taylor Stadium Balloon Ride Flyover with REMAX
Hot Air Balloons captivate the earthbound audience below!

We often hit the road, traveling Iowa and the rest of the country on regional and national balloon marketing campaigns. We visit hot air balloon festivals, sports series, company conferences, large cities, convention centers, auto races, outdoor festivals, concerts, and a multitude of other high-visibility events that hold the prime target market for the balloon program.

The amount, location and frequency of appearances can be custom-tailored in your own program. We're capable of managing and coordinating any size local, regional or national corporate balloon or airship program. We allow you to be involved with the campaign as much or as little as possible. If you'd rather let us handle everything, that is fine also.

If you think you're ready to experience a marketing revolution through hot air balloons, read on below to find out more about the options available to start advertising your company or product right away. Then give us a call or send us an email for a frank and honest discussion of how we can handle your campaign. Once we determine the most appropriate course of action, we can have our graphics folks get your balloon ready for flying and working for you.

UPS Hot Air Balloon for Balloon Ride over Des Moines Iowa
Banners are the quickest and least expensive type of balloon advertising. Here is the UPS Balloon.  It had a "Next Day", "2 Day" and a "3 Day" banner.  This was a highly successful campaign.


Balloon banners are the most basic and inexpensive of all our advertising options. Banners are a great starting point for a smaller or medium-sized company to test the waters of hot air balloon marketing before making a significant investment on a balloon of their own.

Our hot air balloons can be adorned with up to three 17' by 28' fabric banner prominently displayed for countless thousands of people to see each time the balloon flies. These banners fit the shape of the balloon precisely, giving the impression that the artwork is sewn directly into the balloon fabric.

Your company name and logo will be skillfully reproduced in exact proportions by our graphic folks. For most designs, we will use paint or sewn fabric to recreate your logo. If photorealistic results are desired, large-format inkjet printing can be harnessed to provide the necessary resolution. These days, there's nothing that can't be done!

Once your banners are installed on our balloon, we will fly in the target market of your choice to generate positive exposure.

Corporate Hot Air Balloons

Flying a Hot Air Balloon Over Des Moines Iowa with Z-Balloon Adventures 2004
A view of downtown Des Moines Iowa as viewed from the RE/MAX Balloon on one of it's many flights over the Metro area!


The standard corporate balloon program utilizes a traditionally-shaped "round" balloon with company logos or product artwork applied or sewn directly onto the fabric of the balloon. The advanced methods of balloon construction today allow for any possible concept to be turned into a flying work of art that will turn heads and promote goodwill at every appearance.




Special Shape Hot Air Balloons

For the ultimate advertising campaign, sometimes the use of a specially-shaped hot air balloon is called for. Products, characters, mascots and logos can all be recreated in larger-than-life scale and with highly accurate detail. With the help of computer-assisted design (CAD) and high-powered physics software, it's possible to translate nearly any conceivable shape into a high-flying work of art.

Owner/Chief Pilot Dan Campbell has been flying and managing many advertising balloon programs, having flown for 95KGGO, Z93, Car-X Brake and Muffler, United Parcel Service, Wonderbra and since 1999 the RE/MAX Balloon.

In 2004, Dan stepped into the special shapes field by being asked to fly the America One, the US Flag Balloon in Albuquerque New Mexico by Barry and Teri DiLibero.  The US Flag balloon stands a height of 53 feet and 78 feet wide! The nylon balloon fabric alone weighs 530 pounds! A crew of 10-20 is required to set up and pack away this super sized balloon. Click here for more information on the Patriot and America One hot air balloon team.

Burnie The Little Devil Hot Air Balloon by Z-Balloon Adventures in Des Moines Indianola Iowa
Burnie the Little Devil Balloon soars over Albuquerque New Mexico.



In early 2006, Dan purchased "Burnie the Little Devil Balloon" which stands 125 feet tall and is 49 feet wide and weighs 475 pounds!  We are currently looking for a sponsor for "Burnie". Email us for more information here!





Octopus Balloon by Aeromagic Balloons owned by Kenny
The "Octopus Garden" is a prime example of a appendage shape balloon.

If a full-fledged special shape such as "Burnie" isn't quite what you have in mind, there's another option. A step above a normal round balloon, appendage balloons can be built for a fraction of the price of a special shape for much of the same effect.

The experts at Z-Balloon Adventures can manage your own regular or special shape hot air balloon program, beginning with initial design concepts and continuing all the way through to completion and a nationwide advertising campaign. Email us for more information.


Soft Landings,

Dan Campbell
Chief LTA Pilot

(515) 265-2402

Hot air balloon rides in Des Moines, Indianola and everywhere else in Iowa - Hot Air Ballooning in Iowa including such hot air balloon services as champagne balloon flights, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, scattering cremains, birthdays, gift certificates, hot air balloon sales, corporate hot air balloon advertising, balloon flight instruction, aerial photography, weddings, balloon weddings, advertising blimps, blimps and more! We're the launching point for your Iowa balloon ride.

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